Shower Installation And Remodeling Service in Waterbury CT

You can give your bathroom a new look, and all you have to do is contact our company. We have a stock of showers that are top-rated and stylish. Furthermore, all our quality products are affordable and last for an extended period. Moreover, we also deal with the following issues;

  • Replacement Showers
  • Shower Wall Surrounds
  • Shower Odors.
  • Shower Bases 

Shower Enclosures

You no longer have to stick to shower curtains that get messy and wet every time you use the bathroom. Instead, we will introduce you to shower enclosures that are of high quality.


Most of our customers are amazed by the kind of shower enclosures we have because they come with many benefits such as:


Durable and mold-resistant

The frame colors are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and glass patterns. This gives you the privilege of designing an enclosure that complements your bathroom décor.


We also offer sliding or swinging shower enclosure at an affordable rate.


Remodeling the bathroom does not only increase your home’s value, but such projects also add comfort to your house. 

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Advantage Of Installing Advanced Shower Doors

There are many reasons as to why you might want to invest in new shower doors. Furthermore, the installation of a new shower door is easy and can be done within a few hours. Here are other advantages of installing new shower doors;

  • New shower doors and affordable than you might think.
  • New shower doors will last for a long period without getting damaged.
  • Modern shower doors are easy to maintain.

Replacement Of Custom Showers, Bathtub And Shower

There are many old homes that are located in this region. Most of them have bathrooms that are well maintained while others could use a little bit of work. By hiring our company, we can get rid of outdated showers and bathtubs, and replace them with new ones.

For handicapped and walk-in showers, we usually add safety measures to prevent accidents. Some of the safety features we emphasize on are entryways, grab bars, plumbing features, faucet controls, handrails as well as shower seats.

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    Shower Installation Services

    You can give your shower a new look by installing a modern shower. By visiting our brand, you get an opportunity to acquire top rate showers. Moreover, all our products are sold and installed at an affordable rate.


    Different Shower Options Available In The Market

    When it comes to choosing a shower for your bathroom, it is advisable that you look for an option that will last longer and affordable.  Here are some of the shower options you can invest in;



    • Gelcoat Fiberglass
      Gelcoat fiberglass is an affordable option that is known to last for a long time. Furthermore, Gelcoat fiberglass can be used to enhance the appearance of the bathroom because they have a bright color

    • Acrylic
      You can choose acrylic if you want your bathroom to have a smooth and beautiful finish. Another advantage of acrylic is that it is durable and can be molded into any size and shape.

    • Tile
      Tile is considered to be an expensive material, but this material is known for having the perfect finish. Another benefit of investing in this material is that it is durable and provides unlimited design, color, and shape possibilities.

    • Aquatic Composite
      Aquatic composite is light in terms of weight compared to other materials. It is also easy to mold, which means it can fit anywhere, even in bathrooms that are not spacious. This particular material is ideal for tub showers and showers.

    Our company has been in business for decades, offering quality services to both local and neighboring clients. Furthermore, we also offer free estimates to all our customers. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us today at 203-717-4517 and talk to one of our representatives.

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