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Delivering Bathroom Remodel Services To Waterbury Locals And Nearby Neighbors.

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    Delivering Bathroom Remodel Services To Waterbury Locals And Nearby Neighbors.


    Giving your bathroom a new look is not the only thing we are good at. The Waterbury Bathroom Remodel Specialists has trained and experienced remodeling contractors who can make any bathroom more comfortable and convenient to use. It does not matter whether it is big or small.


    Our contractors will emphasize every detail, starting with the shower to the floor as well as countertops and shower tiles. Your bathroom will be transformed to meet all your needs. That is why we are considered to be the best in Waterbury for quality and transparent services.


    Services Offered By Our Team

    We specialize in a variety of services, such as the ones listed below:

    • Bathroom flooring.
    • Bathroom renovation. 
    • Shower.
    • Bathroom remodel.
    • Bathroom ideas.
    • Shower installation and maintenance services 
    • Conversion for the tub to shower
    • Shower remodeling – installation, enclosure
    • Bathtub replacement.

    The Benefits Of Bathroom Remodeling

    Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


    • Improve the environment by going green – this is a good way of saving money. Adding more features that are energy efficient such as upgrading to a modern fixture, can help you save a lot of money.
    • Increase Your Home’s Value By Great Percentage.
    • Bathroom remodeling also increases your home’s value by a great percentage. Today, most homebuyers seem to care much about certain areas of the house, and the bathroom happens to be their first priority.
    • Add Extra Storage Space.
    • If you are going to invest in a bathroom remodeling project, then you might want to add more smart storage units for storing linens and towels.
    • Updated In Appearance And Feels Good.

    Bathroom remodeling gives you the privilege of enhancing the appearance of your bathroom. You can decide to either give your bathroom a traditional look or a tech-savvy look depending on your taste of style. 

    Our Services

    A beautiful fence does not have to cost you a fortune, because, with the right fencing company, that’s us, you receive high-end materials for low-end prices. With our technicians, you choose what you want to have installed. Whatever your vision is for your fence we can make it happen. Contact us for commercial and residential fences.


    A bathroom renovation and remodeling project cannot be completed without a sink. Depending on the space and your bathroom design, you can choose to have a single sink or more. Furthermore, we will design a sink that is not only functional but also looks amazing.



    You'll have plenty of options when you replace your old tub. You can ensure that your shower is wheelchair accessible. You can upgrade to a low-threshold or barrier-free shower. You can find something that's a better fit for your bathroom.



    When it comes to remodeling the shower and tub, we make changes based on the client’s specifications. To give your bathroom a fantastic finish, we use a variety of customized stones, tile, and surface products for the walls and base.



    When you work with Waterbury Bathroom Remodel Specialists you'll know that your vanity will use the latest in woodworking technology. Furthermore, your cabinet will be made from very high-quality materials. We can assist you if you're building a new home or renovating your current bathroom.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Professional Qualifications

    Reliable and experienced contractors should be licensed by the state and insured. These are the first qualifications you should emphasize on when looking for remodeling contractors. Furthermore, the company you choose to work with should have a good reputation from its previous clients and within the local borders.


    When you hire our company, you can expect nothing less but quality work. Furthermore, we always complete our projects on time and make sure that we meet the state requirements.

    Get Discount Offers

    As professional contractors, we have maintained a business relationship with various suppliers and manufacturers. These suppliers and manufacturers offer us better deals for quality products.

    A unique finish

    Our contractors have a special guide that helps to get the job done accurately and within a short period without causing any damages.

    Caution And Safety Measures

    Our team members are well trained, and all of them always abide by the safety guidelines. Another reason why you should be comfortable working with our team of contractors is that each member has years of experience. Because of this reason, we are fit to tackle even the toughest job without risking any one’s health or life. 

    Our Service Package

    Bathroom flooring is one of the services we offer as a company. The bathroom floor can be dangerous if it is slippery. Therefore, we will help you choose the best material for your bathroom floor.

    Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling

    Our professional contractors will use a professional approach to enhance each detail that is found in the bathroom. Whether you want your bathroom to have a modern look, or you want it to have extra storage units, our contractors create the kind of bathroom you have always wanted.

    Shower Repair And Installation

    Bathroom renovation services that are offered in Waterbury usually involve replacing the old showers with new ones. This is a great way of giving your bathroom a new look. However, we can also help you save money at the same time by upgrading or repairing your current shower.

    Custom Bathroom Vanity

    Adding a custom bathroom vanity to your remodeling project is a great way of making it look unique. It does not matter how much space you have; we can design a custom vanity that will fit perfectly.

    Bathroom Renovation

    Bathroom renovation is a challenging task that requires time and planning before you can start taking action. After planning and coming with clear ideas of what needs to be done, we take the step of making sure that we have everything needed for the projects to start. However, at the same time, we always advise our clients to consider the following factors.



    Factors To Consider When Planning For A Bathroom Renovation Project




    You do not want your bathroom renovation project to end up being useless. Therefore, you might want to consider having a contemporary bathtub. Moreover, there are many designs available in the market, including the freestanding ones, which are preferred by most people.


    Bathroom Layout

    It is important that you get the perfect layout for your bathroom. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider the flow, practicality, and ambiance for the bathroom layout during the renovation. There are many options to choose from when it comes to a floor plan, but some of these options might not be available in your area.


    Basin And Vanity

    A double vanity can be a good solution for not having to wait for someone else to get ready in the morning. Two people can get ready at the same time; that is why it is advisable that you consider this option.


    Fittings And Fixtures

    Invest in fittings and fixtures that match the design for the bathroom’s new look. As for taps, they are designed from different materials such as stainless steel, chrome, gold, and brass. The toilet, shower, sink, bathtub, and shower are also important; that is why you should make sure that they are upgraded to the same standards.



    The ambiance and look of a bathroom are determined by the type of tiles that are installed. Because of this reason, we will help you choose the best tiles for your bathroom floor and wall. Moreover, contractors can guarantee you success in the bathroom renovation project when working with the right tiles.

    Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling Ideas.

    Our company specializes in bathroom renovation work. That means we can design the kind of bathroom you have always desired. You also need to remember that this kind of investment only increases the value of your home.


    Even though this might sound like an easy task, you need to be aware of the fact that it takes a lot of time to decide on various issues, such as designs. Therefore, you must take the time to decide on the kind of bathroom you want and the features you want to include.


    Other factors that you may want to consider are whether you want to create more space for relaxing or unwind while taking a hot shower?


    Do you want to create extra space in your bathroom?

    Are you confused about which design to choose for your bathroom?

    Bathroom Design

    Choosing a bathroom design can be difficult since there are many options available. But, with the help of a reliable guide, you can easily choose a design that will be convenient for the amount of space you have. We take time to take our clients through various bathroom design options and recommend a design that will have the best features such as mirrors, bathroom hardware, flooring, and even fixtures.


    Customized Bathroom Design

    If you are interested in a custom bathroom design, then it is advisable that you hire a company that is experienced and can guarantee you successful results. Our company can provide the kind of customized bathroom design you have always desired. We not only listen to our clients but stick to every detail.



    Sink Installation

    Another problem that most homeowners face is clogged up pipes and shallow drains. Water should always flow directly into the main drain and exit through the pipe. But, most of the time, the water drains slowly because of the shallow drain. 


    As for the sink drainage, there are many unwanted things that go through here, such as pieces of soap and hair. If such dirt is not removed from the drainage, then the sink might start producing a bad odor. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the sink to prevent such problems.


    Bathroom Finishes

    The final touch matters. That is why we use the best features to complete the final look. From lighting fixtures to durable vanities, you can expect nothing less but the best.



    Vanities are available in a variety of finishes, styles, and sizes. Moreover, our vanities consist of quality joints for furniture and real wood. We recommend this option to most of our clients since it is affordable and astounding.


    Whether you want modern mirrors or traditional ones, our contractors will install the kind of mirrors that you have always admired. 


    Most people do not think much about lighting when working on a bathroom remodeling project. But, the truth is that this feature is as important as other items you want to have in the bathroom. Therefore, we will help you choose the best lighting fixture for your bathroom,



    We do not think much of our floor as we walk on it. But, the type of flooring option you choose for your bathroom matters since you want a perfect finishing. Because of this reason, it is advisable that you choose a flooring option that will enhance the look of your bathroom design


    Are You Aware Of These Facts?

    • Invest in your house by remodeling the bathroom – bathroom remodeling is considered to be an excellent investment. That is because you create a comfortable and functional area that is used by everyone living in the house. Furthermore, according to research, bathroom remodeling increases the value of your home by 60%


    • Another great benefit of working on such a project is that you can do it yourself and cut down the cost of labor. This is a convenient way of saving money, especially if you have the skills and the tools required for this kind of work.


    • You can make your bathroom appear bigger by painting bright colors – it is evident that a dull place looks smaller compared to an environment painted with bright colors.



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    The Waterbury Bathroom Remodel Specialists Promise

    When working with us, we will make sure that you have peace of mind by keeping you updated on the progress of our work. 


    Many people depend on warranties that are issued by manufacturers, but later on, they come to realize that these warranties only last for a short period before they are burned. Furthermore, most manufacturers only guarantee their services for only a year, and after that, you will be required to pay for services rendered.

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