Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux to create an ext4 partition for Tesla’s Dashcam Sentry Mode Seattle-based Program Manager

Will try a clean upgrade from win 8.1… I’ve installed the update through Windows update with no hassle. I’d recommend waiting to upgrade until some minor quirks are ironed out, though. Btw very helpful guide, WCentral team, thanks. You will see the option to “Upgrade Now” I did that. Select the destination to restore the files — for example, the Documents folder.

  • Launching the latest Windows 11 Snipping Tool application may cause it to crash.
  • When prompted, choose the boot order and select the USB drive option as first.
  • It’s not complicated anymore to install Windows 10 on a new hard drive with EaseUS system backup and restore software.
  • See, that’s the thing, I already tried extracting and installing the RTP before doing all of these tricks, and that completely failed.

In this article, we will look at how to create Ext4 filesystem in Linux. Notice Conversion between MBR and GPT may cause data loss. DiskInternals Linux Reader is free software that installs drivers that allows you to read Ext4 partitions from the File Explorer of Windows. It only supports reading, i.e., viewing and copying files and folders.

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You can download if from the official website for free here. Tutorials and news on Linux, systems, programming and more. Hey folks, just went through this process and wanted to write it down incase others stumbled upon it. This is the situation I have when I take a image from a smaller drive or SSD and move it to a larger SSD. If you use fdisk be sure to check you use MBR and not GPT .

When it’s done, take the USB drive and insert it into the computer you want to install Windows onto. Installing Windows used to require putting the files on a CD or DVD. These days, installing Windows 10 is simple. All you’ll need is a USB flash drive and another computer with access to the internet. If you intend to keep your currently installed software on the repaired operating system, make sure that “apps” are listed and not only “files” .

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Microsoft says it’s going to roll out Windows 11 in a extra completed type with normal availability on October 5 for brand spanking new PCs and for different PCs by mid-2022. That’s when Windows 11 can be most secure and you can set up it safely in your PC. Even then, we nonetheless suppose it’s finest to attend it out a bit. You could use the software program on as much as two processors on the licensed laptop at one time.

Click the checkbox to indicate that you accept the updated terms and then click Accept to continue. If you do not agree to the updated terms, the Docker Desktop application will close and you can no longer run Docker Desktop on your machine. You can choose to accept the terms at a later date by opening Docker Desktop. It’ll go on a screen with the caption “Preparing to reset” as well as progress. On the screen, it is shown that “Resetting this PC” and a progress Download percentage are displayed on the screen.

Don’t mix up this process with dual booting. The Steam Deck doesn’t support dual booting at the moment, so you’ll need to choose either Windows or SteamOS if you want a permanent solution. Before actually installing Windows on the Steam Deck, I recommend you boot from a microSD card or USB drive first. This is completely reversible, so you can try out Windows without erasing anything on your Steam Deck. Windows isn’t perfect on the Steam Deck, and reinstalling SteamOS is a big task on its own.

I think an average user handling 16TB files can legitimately be accused of data hoarding. Thanks a bunch for pointing out the nuances of different fs’ es. I am an avid XFS user for a long time and run multiple distributions on my personal system, as much as 7-10. Yes, there are times, when I get troubled, as you mentioned, resizing is not as smooth as ext4 …but it’s getting there.

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